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Below are four pinch hits that need authors! If you're willing and able to take one of them off our hands, please let us know by leaving your AO3 name in the comments (which are screened) so we can assign them to you.

Request 1 by NightsMistress
Final Fantasy XIII Series
Hope Estheim, Snow Villiers

I'm really, really interested in the Chaotic Era and the fact that these two had to shift from a white knight and a scientist to politicians having to lie and deceive to achieve their goals. I'm also really interested in how their friendship changed given how the events of the game changed them, and that's putting aside the fact that Hope went from 14 to 27 (plus a lot of sleeping!)

If you're looking for inspiration here are some themes I'd love to see explored in fic featuring Hope and Snow:
1) The differences in who they were in Final Fantasy XIII and the Chaotic Era as well as the similarities;
2) The toll of being the focus point of humanity's hopes and having failed them utterly;
3) The Farron sisters!! I actually really love Serah and Lightning a lot.
4) The way that their self-esteem is tied up in their ability to protect people and how that works when everything looks dire;
5) The two of them working together as partners - either fighting or politicking.

For these two in this story, I pretty much only ship Snow/direly needed hugs and Hope/self-deprecation. (And Hope/Mog. What.)


Request 2 by NightsMistress
Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie
Seivarden Vendaai, Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen | Breq

Sorry, this is the worst prompt but I would love anything featuring these two, or indeed just one of them! I'm especially interested in how Seivarden failed to adjust to a world 1,000 years later and only manages it because of Breq, how Breq has no idea how she inspires such loyalty in people, the Raachi addiction to tea ... you know. Just about anything.


Request 3 by NightsMistress
Magids Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Nick Mallory, Roddy Hyde

I really, really want to see what these two do now after the Merlin Conspiracy. While there's an ending of sorts, it doesn't really talk about What Happened Next, which in Blest is kind of a big deal. They turned magic upside down! They turned their lives upside down! THERE WAS A DRAGON.

Some themes I'm interested in:

1) Mind control! Roddy pretty much shuts down for a bit after she finds out that Grundo made her like him, and Nick's been under so many compulsion spells they stopped working when he was six. I'm really interested in how Roddy handles Grundo now.
2) Magic lessons! Roddy needs to learn what it means to be the Lady of Governance and Nick needs to learn what his magic actually does (assuming he'll ever agree)
3) Does Nick ever find a place of his own or does he just bounce around looking for a purpose?
4) I'm really keen on mythology appearing in various ways - Roddy is connected to Welsh mythology so if you're willing I'd really love a story about that.
5) Just another adventure!!


Request 4 by NightsMistress
Old Kingdom - Garth Nix
Clariel (Old Kingdom), Belatiel (Old Kingdom)

Clariel left me going ughhhhhhh where's the rest of the book! We see Clariel's start of darkness and in the background we see Bel's coming of age as the Abhorsen but the book stops before we get to the interesting part of Clariel and Bel actually having to fight one another. I really, really want to see them go from being friends to on the opposite side. If you're not interested in that, I'm really interested in Bel and where he came from, why he chose to be the Abhorsen in Waiting Waiting, why society dislikes Charter mages and the Abhorsen and how that affects Bel, why he is at the school to begin with, what happens now that Tathiel is back, adventures he goes on now, WHY DOES HE NOT CUT HIS HAIR STRAIGHT. You know, the usual.


Request 5 by NightsMistress
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Emil Castagnier, Tenebrae (Tales of Symphonia)

Emil and Tenebrae's relationship shifts over the course of the game, and that shift is made all the more interesting when you find out that Tenebrae knew all along that Emil was also Ratatosk, his lord and master. I'd really like to see something post game that deals with their relationship now and how Emil both is and is not Ratatosk. Or, I'd like to see how Emil interacts with his aunt and uncle the second time around now that he knows he's not about to die, and how Tenebrae pushes and prods him but also supports him.

Some themes I'm interested in:
1) The idea of forgiveness, both of others and of yourself
2) "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality" and how Emil has internalised this mantra in his life now
3) What does it mean to be a summon spirit? Can Ratatosk be summoned, and if so, does that mean that Emil and Ratatosk can actually talk to one another?
4) The idea of finding a place in the world where you belong and are happy.
5) Memory manipulation and memory loss - how much does Emil actually know about life? What doesn't he know?

Feel free to put in any of the other characters in the tag set! I like Marta, Colette and Lloyd a lot! I just really want more about Emil and Tenebrae too.


Request 6 by NightsMistress
Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Ronan Nolan, Machu Picchu | Winged Defender

I was always disappointed that we didn't get more about this relationship between Ronan and the WD. One's a force for good beyond time and space, one's a pissed off Irish teenager and they have to work together whether Ronan likes it or not. I haven't seen anything set in this period between A Wizard Abroad and Wizards at War, and I'd really love to!

If you're looking for themes that I'd like to see in the story:
1) How the bodysharing thing works, how it feels and what they think about the whole thing
2) How much does Ronan remember of the WD's memories and vice versa?
3) Ronan in Wizards at War has a pretty miserable view of his own value outside of the WD. How much of that is caused by the WD and how much does that WD try to alleviate? Is the expectation that he's meant to do great and terrifying things something communicated to them or is it something that Ronan thinks on his own?
4) The interaction between Catholicism and the fact that there's a Power beyond time and space hanging around in a Catholic same sex school sharing the body of a teenaged boy.
5) Ronan's thoughts on the whole thing after the events of Wizards at War.


Request 7
Dragon Age
Cole, Anders

This is an either/or or both prompt, because while I really wonder what Cole and Anders would make of one another, they're located in entirely different countries. That said, if you want to write Cole and Anders in a story together I think their interactions would be really interesting. (Maybe Bioware is going to give it to me in DA:I? A girl can dream.)

If you're looking to write about Anders, what I'm really interested in is something either between Awakening and DAII or the intermission between Act 2 and 3 (That's when I did the Legacy DLC, which might colour my judgment a bit!). I'm quite fond of all of the characters in DAII (in fact, in my view the characters were by far the best part of the game) but I have an especial fondness for Varric, Isabela, Aveline and Sebastian, along with Nathaniel and Sigrun from DA:A. My Hawke was purple, and a female mage, who romanced Anders but I honestly don't care if she romanced him or someone else in this story.

For particular themes for Anders:
1) Something after Legacy, dealing with the fact that for a period there Anders's head was very overly occupied.
2) The relationship between Justice and Anders and how they make each other infinitely worse, given Anders' bitterness and resentment and Justice's inflexible need to make things right.
3) Self-destructive martyrdom and how that is incredibly frustrating to watch someone you love (either as a friend or lover) think this is a remotely good idea;
4) The internal conflict between the Anders who is a romantic and the Anders who is a grim revolutionary;
5) What it means to be a spirit healer in Kirkwall.

For Cole, I've read Asunder and I've been following what's been revealed about him in DA:I. I'm not fussed about whether it's something set before or after Asunder, but I am very keen about Rhys as well. For particular themes about Cole:

1) Cole's identity and what it means for him now;
2) The way that Cole's moral compass is really skewed;
3) Cole's purpose in life;
4) Cole and making connections with people.

Request 8
Mass Effect
Kaidan Alenko, Thane Krios
So Kaidan and Thane were in the hospital together for a while in ME3 and they're pretty much the only people who know The Commander Shepard. I'd really be interested in a story where they hang out together while they recover. I think they'd have some really interesting conversations.

Some themes:
1) They both know Commander Shepard! Kaidan has a ton of resentment about what Shep did in ME2, while Thane has a very good idea of what Shep did and why;
2) Biotics! Surely they have some watercooler talk about biotics and how they make them work for them;
3) The importance of family to them both;
4) so how about that war raging while the two of them are stuck in a hospital?
5) Kaidan has so many stories about Shep the bad driver of a Mako. sooooo many.

Request 1 by ivy
The Seventh Tower - Garth Nix
Great Uncle Ebbitt, Tal Graile-Rerem

Request 2 by ivy
Airborn - Kenneth Oppel
Matt Cruse, Kate deVries

Request 3 by ivy
The Princes Trilogy - Elizabeth Hoyt
Simon Iddesleigh, Harry Pye, Edward de Raaf

Request 4 by ivy
The Ragwitch - Garth Nix
Paul (The Ragwitch), Quigin (The Ragwitch)

Request 5 by ivy
Kushiel's Legacy - Jacqueline Carey
Berlik (Kushiel's Legacy), Morwen (Kushiel's Legacy)

Request 1 by lynndyre
The Hobbit - All Media Types
Dori (The Hobbit), Bofur (The Hobbit)

Request 2 by lynndyre
Highlander: The Series
Methos, Joe Dawson

Request 3 by lynndyre
The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
Glorfindel (LOTR), Elrond (LOTR)

Request 1 by Leidolette
Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate
Rachel (Animorphs), Jake Berenson, Cassie (Animorphs)

In the books there was all this talk about the rest of the Animorphs being worried about Rachel and not knowing how she was going to cope with returning to real life after the war was over. It turned out to irrelevant because she died and none of them (except Cassie and maybe Ax) could cope anyways.

So what if Rachel survived the war?

We know that Jake had some major problems, and Tobias basically quit human society, but how would Rachel -- likely the worst of them all -- deal with peace? Does she go out and start fights? Does she pursue some sort of socially sanctioned risky lifestyle? Does she embarrass the Animorphs on national TV? Seek adventure on other planets? Surprise everyone by coming to terms with everything and just letting it go?

Anything about post-war Rachel is great. Feel free to include or not include any characters you want.


Request 2 by Leidolette
Gravity Falls
Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines

I think this cartoon is the perfect summer show. It's got a strong sense of place, fantastic humor, and a feeling of endless summer. I can't wait for the second season to start. A good spooky story would be great for this fandom. I could take it either low-key and gentle or scarier than the show's usual fare, if you choose to go that route. Curious investigation of the forest, Mystery Shack, or town is good too. Or maybe the kids could hear from their parents? I like all the characters in this series, so feel free to add or subtract them as necessary.


Request 3 by Leidolette
Conjure Wife - Fritz Leiber
Tansy Saylor, Norman Saylor

In the book, though Tansy is not quite sure of the magic that she practices. I want to see her uncertainty, and her growing suspicion that a lot of other women are doing the same thing as her. Like when Norman thinks he sees one of the other women at the card table doodling arcane symbols, I'd like to see Tansy half-stumble onto other women's witchcraft without completely understanding what she's seeing, only having her suspicions. Like, maybe she walks into the women's bathroom and there's some mugwort in the sink. Or maybe she sees a student tuck a very strange looking charm in her pocket. Or maybe a distant cousin sends her a birthday card with a complicated and ancient-looking design drawn onto the back of the envelope.

Post-novel would work too, with a more confident and informed Tansy assessing the student's and professors' wives' handiwork with a practiced eye.


Request 4 by Leidolette
Fargo (2014)
Molly Solverson, Mr. Wrench (Fargo), Mr. Numbers (Fargo)

There is something so captivating about the scenery in this show. Driving through a seemingly endless icy expanse, watery deaths in a frozen lake, otherworldly white-out blizzard conditions, etc. What I want most out of any Fargo story is a strong sense of place. A satisfying story could describe the way that the land and the winter feed into the characters' choices, either their goodness or badness. Slice-of-life fic is a-okay for this fandom. You could also conjecture on why such evil seems to emanate from Fargo.
Focusing on any one of the requested characters is fine, you don't have to include them all if you don't want to . All/any characters in the series are fine to have a role in the story. I do have one request, though: don't make Malvo the actual devil, please.


Request 5 by Leidolette
Superman - All Media Types
Lois Lane (SM-AMT), Clark Kent (SM-AMT)

Lois Lane-centric, please! I'd love for you include the rest of the cast working at the Daily Planet, but I really want the general focus to be on Lois. Storylines that I would love: a slice-of-life story of Lois having a relatively normal day in the office and her interactions with her co-workers, Lois solving a journalistic mystery and tracking down leads, Lois having a small -- but extremely pivotal -- role in a Superman battle, Lois showing Jimmy Olsen the ropes, etc.

Give me all your Lois Lane stories, please.

(As for the actual canon of this story, I don't really want it to take place in any particular Superman universe. Just go with the story elements that are common throughout most continuities, or mix-and-match from your favorite series.)

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